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ajt2002a.jpg This page contains some of my favorite links and bookmarks. There's no organizing principle, other than having a large collection in one spot. Currently, the only subjects here are Search Engines/Internet tools, Cryptography, Miscellaneous, and occasionally some pictures. Other categories may be added in the future.

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Search Engines/Internet tools

Cryptographic Sites


This section is still under construction.


Here are some pictures. I will post new ones as they become available, assuming the subjects have no objections. My co-workers threw me a surprise 50th birthday celebration in 2001, and I have some pictures of that. My thanks to Fred Schwamle, Ken Weesner, and William Nestor for additional photographs.

This is a picture taken of me in 1972 at the old Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity house, in Flagstaff, Arizona. I bought that guitar for $90 from Ray Merrow, who was really a piano player. It's a Yamaha FG-180 acoustic guitar, a Red Label "Nippon Gakki", and they were only made from 1969 to 1971. I still have this guitar, and in 2007 a luthier straightened the neck, replaced the nut and saddle, and polished it so it looks like new.


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